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Results from World Equestrian Center

Congrats to Rossco (who is FOR SALE ) who was fourth in the 25k Grand Prix tonight at WEC! Also congrats to Haiku and Carolyn Anne Crisp who was reserve champion in the pre adults out of a huge class! Great job also to Corinthia and Madison Leigh Eichelberger who were 5th in their speed round out of a huge class in the low child adult! And congrats to Aparola with her rider for the weekend Grace Jordan for getting 8th in the Maclay with a beautiful round! Good luck to Brisa Mullis on her lease/trial with Aparola!

One thought on “Results from World Equestrian Center

  1. Beautiful pictures enhancing the website greatly! You all had a truly successful weekend at the WEC! Congrats! Love mom

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